Cosmic Masque Issue 1 Reprint


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Many people have written Doctor Who fan fiction over the years. Some have gone on to be professional writers and have been published by Virgin, BBC Books and others. Some have even gone to work on Doctor Who itself!

The beginnings of fans actually publishing their own stories probably goes back to the first edition of the Doctor Who Appreciation Society's Cosmic Masque in 1977 (or maybe even before then). John Peel and Steven Evans wrote stories covering the eras of all four Doctors. Yes, all four of them! The magazine was published by Gordon Blows of the DWAS Publications department and also featured artwork by Stuart Glazebrook and Paul Stephen Smith as well as an interview with Verity Lambert by Jan Vincent-Rudzki.

Now, over forty years later, DWAS is pleased to make this reproduction available. Like the original, this is A4 in size and contains the original content (with some modifications owing to the age of the archive item), a full colour rear cover by 'Fletch' and a new forward by none other than John Peel himself (author of Virgin and BBC novels as well as a reference work with Terry Nation). For the most part the original style of the interior pages has been retained in this version.

The title is bound with a glossy colour front and rear cover (see images) and runs to 40 pages total.

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