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Tardis magazine is back, and this issue runs to 60 A4 pages with colour throughout.

Features include:

  • Interviews with Season 14’s Michael E. Briant, Philip Hinchcliffe, Judith Paris and Stephen Thorne
  • The Making of the Doctor Who Magazine 1983 Winter Special by Jeremy Bentham
  • David Banks on his New Adventure, Iceberg
  • Michael Cashman remembers Time Flight
  • Gareth Armstrong lifts The Masque of Mandragora...
  • Life on Magrs
  • Target Books Uncovered
  • Archive interview with Michael ‘Magnus Greel’ Spice
  • Fandom in the 1970s
  • Flashback: Season 14 as reviewed by DWAS in 1976/77
  • Lockdown Who!
  • Multi Doctor stories!
  • Nigel Robinson’s Doctor Who Quiz
  • And More!

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This issue is sold in aid of 'Mermaids', a charity that helps gender diverse children, young people and their families.

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